UHT Cream 30% 200ml (Pack of 3)


Sold in a pack of 3 x 20 cl cartons with resealable cap.
This cream is ideal for both cooking and baking (sauce, cream-based dishes, gratins, soups, desserts). It is also perfect for whipping (store 24 hours at + 4°C before whipping). Additionally, it has a long shelf life and can be stored at room temperature in the cupboard until needed and then refrigerated once opened.

1 pack (3 x 200 ml cartons) – £2.99
2 packs (6 x 200 ml cartons) – £5.89
4 packs (12 x 200 ml cartons) – £11.69
8 packs (24 x 200 ml cartons) – £21.99 (1 case)

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It is a multi-purpose cream suitable for all kinds of culinary preparations. It is full of flavour and incredibly smooth and has an excellent yield and hold for cooking.

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