A Lactose Free drinker’s story

JUST MILK (Lactose-Free) is the answer to no more bloating, stomach pains and diarrhoea. These are the main symptoms that are experienced after drinking regular pasteurised fresh milk that contains lactose (a natural sugar found in dairy products and milk), the lactase enzyme in our body is responsible to digest it, but this is not in everyone’s case, because if our body doesn’t produce enough we suffer from the above-mentioned symptoms and therefore are lactose intolerant. For my family and me, discovering JUST MILK was the best thing ever, we all love it, our lives have changed immensely just by changing to and consuming JUST MILK products, we are healthier, energised and more active. The kids concentrate at school and at their studies better and most of all, they enjoy it too.

The known fact, ‘You are what you eat’, is so true, what we consume and put inside our body contributes to the output it gives. If we consume products that affect us negatively then changing to the best available option is the solution. JUST MILK is the perfect replacement of regular pasteurised milk and dairy products and you don’t need a prescription for it either, it is suitable for vegetarians and is available to purchase in a variety of individual 1litre bottle’s, skimmed, semi-skimmed, or in packs of six at supermarkets and online.

JUST MILK products are long life (UHT), and contain the same amounts of calcium as regular pasteurised fresh milk and tastes just as delicious too. The many benefits to swapping to JUST MILK also include longer shelf-life, so you can stock up on it and store it in the cupboard alongside your canned items etc. Once opened you just store it in the refrigerator and use as required. Use as you would other milk, in cooking, baking, make milkshakes or enjoy it in your cereals or drink it on its own warmed, hot or cold, however, you like it. You can enjoy it anywhere anytime so that means take some with you on your trips, holiday’s, camping, to work etc. Also share the goodness and benefits of JUST MILK’s products with family, relatives, friends, colleagues and acquaintances, believe me, they will thank you for it too 😉

Many thanks for Raj Kaur Just Milk Facebook page on 8th August 2018

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