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What's Semi Skimmed JUST MILK?

Semi Skimmed UHT milk

If you love baking, semi-skimmed JUST MILK is perfect for you. Many of our customers think our skimmed milk is the tastiest. It’s just as good for you; has just as much calcium; is just as delicious and is just as versatile in the kitchen, as ‘fresh’ milk but it keeps in your cupboard for months ready for when the baking bug takes you.

Best use for skimmed JUST MILK

semi skimmed UHT milk for camping and caravanningWell we’ve eaten our fill of JUST MILK inspired cookies and treats yet still kept our figure in tip-top trim condition thanks to great-tasting skimmed JUST MILK. So now it’s time to to pack for the holiday. How about packing a few bottles of skimmed JUST MILK in amongst the bikinis and swimsuits? JUST MILK is ideal to take away on holidays or trips, especially if you’re camping or caravanning as it doesn’t need to be refrigerated ‘til it’s opened. Let’s face it, there are temptations enough when we’re away on holiday, but at least we can still enjoy our skimmed JUST MILK whilst we’re away! Happy Hols!

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Semi Skimmed UHT Milk

Our Semi Skimmed UHT milk contains

193 kJ / 46 kcal
1,55 g
(of which saturates)
(of which sugars)
Salt *
120mg (15% NRV**)
Information based on 100ml serving

*the salt content is exclusively due to the presence of naturally occurring sodium
**NRV: Nutrient reference value