JUST MILK, Champion of foaming coffee

JUST MILK frothy coffee foaming report

The tests and results have been carried out by an independent professional barista*. And JUST MILK get the top spot for the best milk for foaming coffee. 

The tests included one supermarket’s own-brand milk and their long-life milk as well as all the major dairy alternatives such as coconut milk, almond, oat milk and soya milk and all the dairy alternative Barista milk brands.

Finally, the experts gave each milk and dairy alternative a rating from 1 (bad) to 5 (good).

Our Lactose-Free produced a sweet, buttery and creamy foam. Our Semi-Skimmed milk produced a lot of slightly less sweet, but very creamy foam. Finally, our Skimmed milk created a very smooth, less creamy and sweet foam when compared to the semi-skimmed JUST MILK.

How creamy was the milk froth?

When mixed with the coffee, our Lactose-Free was sweet and creamy. The Semi-Skimmed was slightly less sweet and creamy. Finally, the 0% fat skimmed JUST MILK was smooth, less creamy and sweet with good foam that made the coffee feel smooth but not overly sweet. The bitter notes of coffee could be tasted very well with this milk.

How long does the froth last?

The Lactose-Free produced a lot of good foam very easily and was very easy to work with. The expert gave a 4.5 rating out of 5.

The Semi-Skimmed was very easy to froth, creating a lot of foam, which was not as sweet as the Lactose-Free version and was easier to work with than supermarket milks. It was classed as very easy to work with and awarded a 5 / 5 rating.

Skimmed JUST MILK was very easy to froth compared to other skimmed/alternative milks. It came very close to the semi-skimmed and whole milk in terms of how easy it was to work with and was rated 4 / 5. 

How creamy was the milk froth?


*The products tested included supermarket’s own-brand fresh milk and their long-life milk, the major dairy alternatives :coconut milk, almond, oat milk and soya milk and all the dairy alternative Barista milk brands.