NATIONAL TEA DAY at just milk

national tea day at JUST MILK
Photo by Jana Rustmeier from Pexels

We recently held a promotion where we asked JUST MILK drinkers how they drank their cuppa. Tea is the National Drink after all, so this is something people very strongly about. Just make a milky cuppa for someone who likes their tea builder’s strength and you’ll see. 😂 

We had an amazing number of responses with thousands getting in touch. We asked JUST MILK drinkers how they drank their tea  – No milk, Milky, Medium, Strong, Builder’s strength or Something else.

Here is how they responded.

No milk 4.8% 🤕 
Milky 13.6%
Medium 46.3%
Strong 25.4%
Builder’s strength 9.7%

Obviously, we drink ours milky 😜 and it was great to conclude that over 95% of respondents drank their tea with milk. 

How JUST MILK drinkers drink their tea

how JUST MILK drinkers drink their tea

We also asked JUST MILK drinkers how much tea they drank in an average day?

One cup 11.8%
Two cups 18% (we are about here)
Three cups 23.5%
Four cups 24.7% 
I just have it on tap 21.7%

How much tea do JUST MILK drinkers drink each day

How much tea do we drink each day

Finally, we asked how much sugar people had with their favourite brew. 

No sugar 65.7% (we’re down with no sugar in tea in the JUST MILK office)
One sugar 18.8%
Two sugars 12.7%
Three sugars 1.9%
I kiss my teeth goodbye 0.7% 🤕 

How much sugar do JUST MILK drinkers take with their tea

How much sugar do you take with your tea

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to take part in our promotion / survey. Make sure you’re on the mailing list (below) for our upcoming Summer Promotions. 

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