Whole uht milk



From the JUST MILK family comes our Whole UHT Milk. Each pack contains 6 x 1L cartons.

Usual prices
1 pack (6 cartons) – £5.99
2 packs (12 cartons) – £11.49
3 packs (18 cartons) – £16.99
4 packs (24 cartons) – £21.49
6 packs (36 cartons) – £31.99
8 packs (48 cartons) – £41.99
10 packs (60 cartons) – £50.99

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Long life whole milk you can store in the cupboard until you need to open. For maximum creaminess and calcium. Whether you prefer the creamier taste in cereals and hot drinks or use our Whole UHT milk for baking and cooking, this milk adds depth of flavour not found elsewhere. Perfect for rice puddings, bread and butter puddings and refreshing milk shakes.

In a handy 6 carton pack, you can store these in the cupboard until required saving you valuable space in the fridge. Even before our milk reaches you, it is kept at ambient temperature while in storage and during transport. This means that all this time, it’s going easy on the planet as retail refrigeration plays an enormous part in the UK’s carbon footprint.

As it’s Long Life, it also means you can buy multi packs to save money and store them in your cupboard until they are opened. So fewer trips to the supermarket or deliveries.

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