Lactose Free JUST MILK

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Delicious milk with 0% lactose. Simple.
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If you are one of the 3,250,000 in the UK with Lactose Intolerance, then JUST MILK Lactose Free is for you. PLUS, our Lactose Free milk is UHT meaning it’s long life and can be stored in the cupboard until you need it.

Lactose-Free JUST MILK contains

  • 46 Kcal of Energy
  • 120 mg of Calcium
  • 3.15 grams of Proteins
  • *Lactose 0.1 grams per 100ml
  • 1.0 grams of Saturated fat
Per 100ml serving.
JUST MILK Lactose Free* has added lactase which breaks down lactose and makes milk easier to digest.
Lactose-Free uht JUST MILK allows you to enjoy milk once more. 

JUST MILK Lactose Free* is an important source of many essential nutrients, including protein, calcium and B vitamins, and plays an important role in keeping teeth and bones healthy… perfect for the entire family.

Now you can enjoy all the same foods and health benefits of milk as part of a healthy balanced diet. So choose a bowl of cereal before work or a large latte at lunchtime. Enjoy a refreshing milk shake, or a naughty slice of cake. With JUST MILK Lactose Free*, the choice is yours again.

Please note: JUST MILK Lactose Free* is not suitable for cows’ milk allergy sufferers or those with Galactosaemia.
* Less than 0.1% lactose

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