Tell us about your JUST MILK camping experience

“My ideal camping holiday would be to take my 2 year old niece camping in the lakes and have fun, fun, fun and drink lots of JUST MILK!”

“A proper family affair! Me & husband Richard, Hannah & Jordan, Sarah & Dave and a new 3 man tent for Louise & Damian & our first grandson Sam would be perfect! Not forgetting JUST MILK which really is part of our family!”
Mr H.

“Camping is a whole lot easier with JUST MILK as it tastes just as good as normal milk but without the worry of it going off. We always have some bottles in the caravan for our trips away.”

“JUST MILK is ideal for boating holidays – a perfect cup of tea and not a fridge in sight!”

“I go to at least two festivals each year, I always take several bottles of JUST MILK so I can still have my coffee and cereal in the morning… or whatever time I of day I roll out of bed. It my camping essential!”

“My family and I go to Cornwall every year camping and always use JUST MILK. It is so handy as you don’t need a fridge so we always have milk to hand. Great Product and also take it on picnics at home. Great product!!”

“I use JUST MILK on a DAILY basis, simply because I can’t get doorstep deliveries of RELIABLY fresh milk (it’s been in cold storage sometimes for weeks). I would otherwise have to waste both my time and money making regular trips to supermarkets.”

“Could not do without my JUST MILK even out camping”

“We arrived late at the campsite and the shop had closed. As we had packed JUST MILK we were still able to make coffee and hot chocolate. In addition we were able to use JUST MILK for the 5 days we were there despite the heat. “

“We had the ideal not so long ago ! It involved a weekend at Pillar of Hercules farm we woke on the 2nd day to fabulous scrambled eggs using JUST MILK cooked over the camp stove and it was DELICIOUS !”

“I go to at least two festivals each year, I always take several bottles of JUST MILK so I can still have my coffee and cereal in the morning… or whatever time I of day I roll out of bed. It my camping essential!”

“I think JUST MILK is so tasty and is great for camping and very nice to wake up with your porridge made with JUST MILK VERY MOO—RISH”
Mrs C

“In the morning to set the day off JUST MILK with cereals and then in the evening after a long day out it is so good to have a hot chocolate made with JUST MILK”

“It is the perfect milk when making Yorkshire pudding, it has never let me down since I discovered JUST MILK.”

“My family loves bringing JUST MILK in camping/caravanning or any outdoor getaways because not only it tastes great, but you don’t even need a fridge to store it. My two boys loves it. It’s brilliant and worth for your money!!!”

“My perfect JUST MILK holiday is a glass of milk for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s refreshing and ideal for any and every time of the day, each morning I hope to pour my delicious JUST MILK into my morning cup of tea. Perfect!”

“I can always remember us having a bucket of water with bottles of sterilised milk under our caravan. There was not the luxury of fridges in those days. Oh how much easier to take JUST MILK with us nowadays.”

“When camping in Yorkshire in the middle of nowhere, JUST MILK is ideal as it stays fresh and tasty for days. I love the taste to drink on its own and cereal as well!”

“Summer camp with pouring rain, whistling wind and thirty hungry, tired girl guides. Enter delicious warm chocolate made with JUST MILK and tasty chocolate cake. A treat made in heaven, recipe for making a happy camper! Guaranteed!”

“We use JUST MILK every day on our breakfast cereals, tea, coffee, and even for baking. We always carry a supply when we go “camping” in our motor home, as it keeps fresh for a lot longer than ordinary milks.”

“I like to take JUST MILK with me on my camping trips because its very easy to carry needs to fridge ,even in the hot summer, excellent for making that cup of coffee or tea or a nice morning cereal…”

“Its the best milk, would recommend JUST MILK to everyone best to carry it everywhere, long date no need to keep it in fridge its the best.”

“My ideal JUST MILK camping holiday would be a proper wilderness hike & camp through the Yellowstone National Park. JUST MILK would be perfect so I could still get that perfect cuppa in for those early mornings!”

“We were were on holiday or not, we always use the JUST MILK whole and or semi skimmed milk. We believe it tastes better than some other brands. its very useful on our camping expeditions especially for porridge, our brews. JUST MILK is part of our life.”

“I know my children are having good healthy milk in their diet whilst experiencing all our beautiful countryside in the open air hearing cows mooing and with me knowing I have no fear of them taking sick because of sour milk. Thank you JUST MILK”

“Travel tired, muddy field, strong wind. Our summer camping week. No fear! friendship + humour soon blossomed through helping fellow campers to erect tents, then a nice cup of tea and JUST MILK. Start of a wonderful week !”

“We discovered JUST MILK after a rather warm camping trip to Norfolk. An unopened bottle of milk went off and split open, the car stank for days. Another camper introduced us to JUST MILK and we’ve used it ever since.”

“JUST MILK meant I could have my morning cuppa and my bedtime hot chocolate in a field in the middle of nowhere without the need of refrigeration, it’s the best invention since sliced bread!”

“Camping Holidays were always the same. Gone off milk and dishing out blame. But now with JUST MILK our holidays are fresher. From our first morning cuppa, to our last cupcake pleasure. But best off all, lactose free is just as yummy.”

“Everything is packed, ready to go, and of course, the JUST MILK takes pride of place on top of the pile. On arrival, the camping stove is fired up and that first cuppa is served. Bliss! JUST MILK you’re a godsend, thank you!”

“My wife and I are big JUST MILK lovers! It’s there when we wake up in the mornings, ready to pour onto our cereal. It’s there throughout the day, ready for every cup of tea or coffee, and it’s there in the evening too!”

“We can’t go camping without our JUST MILK, Our tea & cereal would be so bland! Yep, we would have the camping of a lifetime, With our JUST MILK, it would be JUST GRAND!”

“I would go to my usual spot in south west wales! I would be able to surf all day and camp on the beach without the need for an electrical hitch, the beauty of JUST MILK is it ALWAYS stays fresh and tastes amazing! SURFS UP!! :)”